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Floatback™ is in a category all its own

September 1, 2017



FLOATBLOG 3: How Floatback™ intends to start a new category with a patented hat float design.




It’s hard to put Floatback™ in a box. Not physically, because they are small, but categorically, simply because one does not yet exist. Call it a hat float, a l float for goggles, a companion for waterspouts and a tool that helps you to wear your sun protection of choice on the water. Let’s face it, we all love to wear caps and shading our eyes and faces is needed most when we are on the water. If a Floatback gives you the freedom to wear your lucky baseball cap out for that big fishing tournament or to paddle out with wearing a hat when a big swell hits, than a Floatback serves a purpose. At least that is our belief.


Carl and I started the company because we believe in this product. We have both extensively tested it, shared it with a few close friends and come back with stories.


The prototypes we tested held up better than expected. Anytime we thought we had failed and lost a hat, we would see it wash up on the beach or pop up in the surf. Time and time again, the Floatback prevailed.



When we launch Floatback, we won’t just be creating a product and company, but a new category in both hat and water sports accessories. We keep tagging ourselves a #hatfloat but we are much more than that. A Floatback comes with multiple uses and the list will certainly grow as the watermen and women of the world get hold of this simple and useful accessory.


We are so excited to release the first Floatbacks to the public and get input from surfers, boaters, sailers, paddle boarders, wind surfers and just about everyone else who lives the salt and sea lifestyle. We all know people who have lost their hats on boats. Nearly everyone we know has a baseball cap on their boat, whether it’s skiff or a yacht. Why not have a Floatback to go along with that hat?



The stash pocket featured in every Floatback is another area of innovation and exploration as we expect to receive input on the uses and functions of this accessory. One of our first Floatback testers suggested that a Floatback would be useful anytime you are wearing a bathing suit and don’t have pockets or want to carry a bag. You can easily stash a key and some money in your Floatback. Perfect for vacation travelers and an inconspicuous place to hide cash. Chill by the pool and have tip money at the ready. A Floatback is functional and comfortable. It actually makes your snap back feel better on your head, if you can feel it at all.


We have had input from hunters as well that the Floatback would be of use. Our innovative color “River Camo” is inspired by the sports and other activities that may take place in less open waters. We do not want to keep Floatback from making its way into the equipment for river fishing, fly fishing and anything else that may take you away from the coast, yet still on the water.



We can’t wait for the lifehackers of the world to come up with new and innovative ways to use our invention. Already a perfect float for swim goggles, a use we didn't initially think of, the swim goggle float is catching on especially for people who enjoy the open water. Not everyone has the luxury of swimming to the bottom of a clear pool to retrieve their goggles. In cases where retrieval of your goggles is difficult or impossible, a Floatback is the perfect accessory and solution.


Don’t most hats float? No. Even the foam trucker hats sink to the bottom of the ocean once waterlogged, trust us we know. Right now there are hats belonging to Adam and Carl littered all over the bottom of the Long Island Sound, as well as the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 


The truth is we grew up on the water and we love hats. The simple combination of those loves makes Floatback the perfect company for us. We live and breath the culture of the water and so does Floatback. Our mission is to help you stay out on the water longer. To surf longer sessions. To catch bigger fish. To be confident on your boat. To SUP with pride. We want to make Floatback an essential part of your gear no matter what sport or activity on the water you take on.


The code of the water is always to help one another no matter what. We created Floatback with that “Unsinkable” spirit of those who live the water born lifestyle. Having lived most my life on or near the water, I have helped and received help from people in very difficult times out on the water. It is that culture of being buoyant for each other that we draw from for Floatback.


Carl just recently told me a story of a lifeguard that he gave a Floatback to to test out. She did not know what to think of it and was a bit skeptical because she NEVER wore a hat while paddling out. He saw her the very next day catching wave after wave wearing her Floatback. She asked where she can get more for her friends. We feel stories like that are helping us to prove the concept but we really need your help. We need to sell the first 500 hats with Floatbacks and prove that we have something here. Together Carl and I plan to build a brand that people love around a simple invention and the #beunsinkable attitude. 



In conclusion, we still need your help. If you want to try on out, feature it on your blog, post it to your followers and join us in the Floatback movement, we would love to hear from you. Reach out to me Adam at floatbacks@gmail.com. Let me know how you want to help. We are a startup so all I can offer right now is one of the early prototypes I have now. There will be a select few I will send samples in the hopes that I can gain exposure and let the world know about Floatback.


I look forward to hearing input and feedback. Keep checking back to floatback.com/blog for more info and news.



-- Adam

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