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FLOATBLOG #4: Everything you wanted to know about a Floatback™ but didn't get a chance to ask.

October 3, 2017


How can you use your Floatback™?

The first use we designed the Floatback for was simple: Keep from losing your hat. You see if you can’t sink something, it becomes much harder for that thing to get lost. That goes fro people as well as hats and goggles. We like to think of ourselves as unsinkable and we would like Floatback embody what the water lifestyle really stands for. As watermen, Carl and I understand that being on the water means helping one another and that’s the Floatback spirit of unsinkability. In testing the Floatback, we never ceased being surprised or made happy by the people who were kind enough to put our hats aside for us. We don’t always retrieve our Flootback before it washes up onshore. Almost without fail, people will put your hat on a pole, sign or log to be found. It’s a great feeling to be helped by an anonymous stranger. It refreshes your spirit and encourages your stoke...whether for surf, paddling or just fun at the beach.



What are the other uses for a Floatback?

We don’t know all of the uses yet and that's the exciting part of putting the first Floatbacks out there for the public to experiment with. In addition to using it to float a hat, goggles, keys, eyewear (like your sunglasses or prescription glasses with the help of a eyeglass string) — there are uses that will come out of it being used. We are looking forward to hearing them as well as what can be done with the included stash pocket. Oh how the wonders of crowd sourced ingenuity await.


Who uses Floatbacks? Who wears a hat in the water?

Surfers of course and people on boats, that’ how we started. The Floatback is the perfect hat to wear on the boat. You don’t have to take it off to go wake boarding, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, or any other aquatic adventure. We are sure runners and other land loving activities will become a part of the Floatback culture. Active people like to have a spot to stash some money and a key while they participate in outdoor activities unencumbered by keys and wallets.


Why you should be wearing a hat in the water...

Shading your eyes and face during long sessions on the water is a must for anyone. From lifeguards to little beach splashers, the Floatback is a great accessory that gives you the freedom to wear your favorite hat on the water without fear of losing it. For anyone facing long sessions on the water, sun protection is a priority. Sunscreen can be caustic, doesn’t always do the job properly and can run into our eyes. Plus, no matter how good your sunscreen is, it does nothing to shade your eyes. Some people turn to sunglasses, which is fine because a Floatback can keep both your hat and your sunglasses above water.​


Why other hat keepers don't work.

Stickers and strings are not good solutions for people on the water. The Floatback is the only patented hat float that takes safety and durability into consideration. There is no string to choke you when your hat gets caught by the wind or worse - the rushing current of a big wave.


How would you search for something that was just invented as a new product?

When we invented the patented Floatback hat and goggles float, we did it out of necessity. Now, we are faced wondering how people are searching for water hats and accessories to wear into the water while surfing, sailing, waterskiing, wake boarding and a million other fun water activities that can leave you blasted by the sun.


It’s called the Floatback but can be described as a hat float, a baseball cap float, a open-backed hat float, a snap back hat float, a goggles float, a valuables float and a water sports hat accessory. The stash pocket featured in every Floatback means it also has other functionality to keep your stuff safe and secure at the beach. Take a key and some cash with you when you paddle out and be able to have coffee at the your spot without hiking back to the car.

Surfers, more than most, understand the need to have a key and some money on hand when they get back to the beach.


What can you use a Floatback for?​

  • To keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes while on the water

  • Stash a key or some money and be able to practice your sport unencumbered

  • highly visible and reflective logo for easy retrieval

  • Attaches to goggles to keep them afloat in open water

How would you go about searching for a Floatback?
Here are a list of search terms we explored to discover that nothing quite like the Floatback exists. If Google can’t find it, no one can

  • Hat float

  • goggles float

  • Water hat

  • Water sports hat

  • Water sports hat float

  • Surf Cap

  • Surf Cap Float

  • Surf Hat

  • Floating Hat

  • SUP Hat

  • Floating SUP Cap

  • Floating SUP Hat

  • Boaters Hat

  • Boaters Cap

  • Hat for boating

  • Unsinkable Hat

  • Unsinkable Cap

  • Float Hat

  • Float Cap

  • Jet Ski Hat

  • Jet Ski Cap

  • Sailing Hat

  • Sailing Cap

  • Floating hat accessory

  • baseball cap float

  • baseball hat float

  • waterspouts hat float accessory

  • Hat, goggles and cap float with stash pocket

  • Floatback

The difficulty with trailblazing is there is no one to follow. No hashtags to copy, no search terms to borrow, no huge company to follow up the difficult path to success.​


How do you let people know about a new invention that did not exist until recently?

While if we were just another product in the water sports industry and weren’t as unique and innovative, we would have a well worn path in the industry to follow. That is not the case. When we first thought of the idea for the Floatback hat float, we were convinced it existed in the oversaturated hat and waterspouts apparel industries. We were wrong. Nothing like it existed until we created and patented it.










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