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Floatback. A startup story.

October 30, 2017



Floatback was born in the water. It kind of invented itself. There is a need to keep your hat and other things afloat in sea and a Floatback is a great and easy solution. Its one of those things that should have existed for a long time but just never came about until now. I am so excited to be on this journey from idea, to concept, to product, to a brand and hopefully a company that will live on.



More than the concept itself, although I am very proud and excited to have obtained a patent, is the mission that has come to stand for our brand. Be Unsinkable. It’s not just a tag line or hash tag, it’s a philosophy that has kept me and Floatback going through turbulent times. It’s not easy to come up with an original idea, create a product and bring it to market, especially with limited resources. The Floatback story is one of two surfers coming together on a mission to bring a very useful product to the masses with a simple but important message.


Floatback is in some ways my own expression of being tired of losing. I love hats. I used to buy a dozen trucker hats in the city on Canal Street for about $20. I would paint them, put patches on them or leave them plain. The point is they would all be disappearing beneath the waves in a single season of surfing. But I got tired of losing them. Some of them I started to get attached to. One I loved. That one compelled me to put a float on it before paddling out. In the water that day, Floatback was born. Born out of a love for hats, a love for surfing, a love for the water and a desire to stay afloat in all conditions, no matter what the world throws at us.


We are on a journey but we cannot do it alone. We need validation. We need support from our water loving community. We feel the Floatback is a product for everyone who wears a hat. Just like me, the Floatback is more useful in the water, but it does still have its uses one land. The stash pocket is useful for all kinds of things and we will be learning more from the crowd once we get our product out in the world. Ok so back to the little resources and the need for help on this journey. If you are reading this, we need your help. Support us by buying a Floatback and a Floatback hat. Posting, sharing, writing and taking pictures of yourself wearing our gear. This is how you can be a part of the Floatback story. You can be a part of what makes us great. Help us grow into a real brand that you care about, wear and support. We will support you back in any way we can. As we grow, we have lots of bigger and better ideas in plan. Its like a snowball at the top of the mountain, we expect this baby to grow and pick up speed as we get it going.



They say a good invention needs to solve a problem. Stop losing your hat. That solves a problem doesn't it? Than there is the other issue of never having enough pockets, especially if you are into water sports or just like tight stream-lined clothes. Wear a hat and a Floatback and keep a key out of your pocket and keep some money stashed away for a snack or coffee. We can’t wait to hear all the innovative ways to use a Floatback and its stash pocket that will be crowd sourced once we launch. We have already seen people using a Floatback to keep their goggles and masks afloat. People lose their masks and goggles in the ocean all the time. With a Floatback, you never have to worry about your child throwing their goggles in the ocean when swimming at the beach. If they do, it will float right back to you thanks to the Floatback. That is essentially how we came up with the name, because it floats back and is designed to be put on the back of goggles or a hat.


Ever watch Shark Tank? I do. In fact, it has been a little bit of my startup school and has definitely served as inspiration and guidance. We would love to be on the show. It would be a great shortcut to higher ground on the path that is our startup journey. I think if we got in front of 8 million people, we would know right away if the world was on board with Floatback. Everyone we have shown the concept to so far has loved it. So if you are reading this, we would love your honest opinion. If you have a blog or site where you post about these things, please do. If you are linked up on social media sites, please share with your friends. You can also contact me directly with your opinions, advice, suggestions or if you have any contacts you can share in the water sports influencer world or buyers to the big surf, water sports and apparel brands.


The other thing that I personally would love to hear from the Floatback crowd would be stories of their own instances when they felt they could be unsinkable. I know this may seem a lofty goal but I believe the culture of the water is unique in that on the water, people are always more willing to help one another. Survival on the water means staying afloat in all circumstances and conditions. It means being ready for anything and being ready to help out in all situations. People who live on the water gravitate towards helping each other be unsinkable. Our most lofty goal is to make Floatback a part of the community and culture of the people of the water. If you have saltwater in your veins, you just may be a part of our army.​


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