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How to keep your hat afloat, a step-BUY-step guide

March 10, 2018

Launching Floatback , a hat float and accessory to the on-the-water lifestyle, has been a lot like surfing. What keeps you going when you are stuck outside and struggling to keep position, is what you know awaits you past the breakers. We've done our fair share of paddling with Floatback, now we are ready to catch some momentum with our launch. We will be shipping pre-orders throughout the end of May and launching officially on June 1. That is the day we will be able to take your order and send it out to you right away. Ok, so without further ado, here are the basic steps on how to turn any hat inot an unsinkable, floating, water hat for surfing (my first thought), boating, fishing (after all that exercise you have to eat), sailing, SUP, wakeboarding.... there are a lot more but you can tell me what I missed in the comments. 


First, buy a Floatback. We have them on our site. Next put it on your hat. It's that easy and you now have a hat that is #unsinkable.

While most hats float at first. As soon as they become waterlogged they sink. Not all hats float and why risk losing your favorite hat. Really, who wants a lucky hat with all their good mojo sinking to the bottom of the sea? We got tired of losing our hats. You name the hat, we probably lost one in the water. If you live in the water it happens. Well, at least in the pre-Floatback era.

The next step in our journey is to see the other uses the Floatback will eventually have. Here we see how easy it turns an ordinary hat into a floating, unsinkable hat. It has been put to work on goggles to much success.What will be the next float hack that comes of the Floatback. Maybe that will be our first contest post launch. 

You can use the same easy 3-step process, four if you count buying one, to keep your goggles and masks afloat too. We actually have a mask and goggles float, it is our Floatback Neo, in neoprene and black only (right now but red coming soon) and it is perfect for masks and goggles.

Check us out and pre-order to be the first to own a Floatback. Join us and #beunsinkable 

What's up with being unsinkable? It doesn't just describe what it does for your hat but our motto also embodies the spirit of people who live, play and work on the water. 


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