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Hats That Float for Water Sports. A New Era is Here.

There was a time when it was acceptable to wear a bucket hat while fishing for a number of reasons. The main reason was it kept the sun off your face. The alternate and additional reasons for wearing it were that it floated, so you were never at risk of losing your hat no matter how hard you tried.


You could also pin a ton of crap to it like fishing lures and pins from your favorite club or band when that sort of thing was cool. Now however, the invention of Instagram makes it so you cannot easily get away with wearing goofy crap even on the water. Today’s fishermen and women rely on Instagram to capture their heroic adventures and real life catches. This means bucket hats become out of the question. The reasons for the slow extinction of the bucket hat is due to two main things.


The first is the fact that cover most of the face of the wearer rendering them unidentifiable. So what good is it to post a picture with your giant catch if all your friends will question whether that is really you. And if you take off said hat for he picture, after a deep sea adventure and a day of fighting your catch, I am sure your hat head will be epic. The second reason is that even if your friends can identify you in your flipped up bucket hat that floats, you still look like a goof.


Enter into the world of hats that float, the Floatback, a simple invention and essential to any fishing gear that makes your open backed hats float, even in the most tumultuous of waters. Some people like to wear a hat for surfing and a Floatback turns your favorite open-backed hat into your go-to surfing hat.


Since you can take a hat with a Floatback on it anywhere in the water you go, the Floatback turns your everyday hats into surf hats, SUP hats, boating hats, sailing hats, fishing hats, paddling hats, canoeing hats, kayaking hats and much, much more.



So what are the best hats to be used as your fishing hat, surf hat, SUP hat, boating hat, sailing hat, fishing hat, paddling hat, canoeing hat, kayaking hat and hat to do all kinds of water sports in? Essentially what are the best hats to wear in the water and to put a Floatback on. Here’s a couple of quick answers.


Of course, we think the best hats to wear in the water are our very own Floatback signature open backed hats. However, if you do want another option that is cool and doesn’t come from our brand, check these top picks for our non Floatback brand but Floatback compatible hats.



Best Dad Hat to Wear in the Water Outdoor Research Halo Rain Cap ($34.95 on Amazon). This is where this dad cap has an advantage, the material. This cap is quick dry, light and will float forever with the help of a Floatback. We recommend you fix a Black Floatback to your Halo Cap, it will look awesome and be unsinkable.


Best Mom Cap To Wear in the Water Patagonia Rain Drop Hat This hat looks cool and fits right and will do both even better with a Floatback on it. For this color combo we recommend either the Floatback hat float in Teal or the Floatback hat float in Orange.


Best Hat For SUP - REI Art 4 All SUP Hat This hat will look great out on the water on your paddleboard, especially with a teal or black Floatback on the back of it making it unsinkable for all your paddling adventures.


Best Sailing Hat. Gill Sailing Cap. No need to spend more on the race cap with the clip because your Floatback will keep your hat from sinking beneath the water when you are sailing. The black Floatback looks great with this cap.


Best Stylish Hats for the Water that Would Look Even Better with Floatbacks on Them. Check out Nordstrom for some really cool trucker hats you just may pay a little extra for. Since you will be putting a Floatback on them and not losing them in the water, they may just be worth the extra spenderos.








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