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Fishing Hats and the Top Ten Cool Snapback or Dad Hats You Can Find on Amazon that would go great with the addition of a Floatback (hat and goggles float).

Fishing hats. Love them or lose them, they are an essential. Unfortunately in the modern era where you can book independent space travel and drive cars without being awake, fishing hats are somehow still stuck in the age of the bucket, or the bucket-type fishing hat. It’s true. Type in “Fishing Hat” on Amazon and when you click on most popular results, almost every fishing hat is a bucket hat. Talk about an ugly page full of uglier fishing hats. If you wear a bucket hat as your fishing hat and you think it looks good on you, you can stop reading this blog now. We may agree that bucket hats were a necessity before the invention of the Floatback, you know that patented hat and goggles float that keeps your valuables from sinking when you are out on the water having a good time. Ok, so enough about my utter disdain for bucket hats, and now that I have invented the Floatback, I no longer am fond of fitted or flex fit hats (especially as your fishing hat), but that’s another story.


So without further ado, here are our Top Ten Cool Snapback or Dad Hat Fishing Hats That You Can Find on Amazon that definitely ain’t bucket hats and that would go great with the addition of a Floatback (hat and goggles float) to make sure these new fishing hats are unsinkable.




Fishing Hat for Pirates

Ok, so if you are going to wear anything other than a ball cap on the water, it better be a  pirate hat. I mean, the Captain Jack Sparrow Hat with an eyepatch and all and you can be entertainment for the kids. Otherwise, as far as cool, normal fishing hats go, this one is pretty awesome. And what color Floatback hat float to keep this pirate hat from sinking into Davey Jones’ locker? Why the black Floatback hat float of course and put it on your new pirate emblazoned fishing hat.




Fishing Hat That Dries Fast

Fishing hats get wet. Even when they don't fall into the water, they get wet. That is why this quick dry hat makes the perfect fishing hat, especially when you equip your new fishing hat with a Floatback. For this quick dry fishing hat we suggest the Floatback in Teal.







Fishing Hat Classic

Fishing hats that are black and basic are awesome. Take this one for instance. Simple, cool, and it would work with any color Floatback on the back to make it your new fav fishing hat from Koloa Surf.






Fishing Hat with Fashion

Fishing hat. Tommy Hilfiger makes one and its basic and probably the most popular dad hat on Amazon. I am pretty sure this is the hat my dad uses for his fishing hat. There is just something about a man wearing a faded dad hat as his fishing hat that just says trustworthy.




Fishing Hat For Music Lovers

Fishing with Jimmie Hendrix playing through your brain is a great way to get psyched up to reel in a winner. Make this your lucky hat, it looks like it survived the sixties and will probably survive your worst. Especially when outfitted with a Floatback on the back. Try the floatback on the back of this fishing hat in black, teal or camo.








Fishing Hat for Rad Dads

The Quicksilver Rad Dad fishing hat is an awesome accessory for anyone who wants to look good fishing. This one is simply and easy to throw in a bleach wash after dropping your hat in the chum bucket.







Fishing Hats for Fishaholics

Fishing hats for people who really love to fish? The name says it all with this Fishaholics fishing hat in Camo. What color Floatback? Why Camo of course will make this fishing hat pop. Black too will work.







Fishing Hat For Filthy Anglers

A fishing hat that has two hooks and lets people know you are a Filthy Angler, you know the kind of person we love to take fishing with us. May we suggest you pair it with a black Floatback, whose reflective logo will make it easier to find if it goes overboard. An orange Floatback will also set this hat off and add an extra element of visibility when it drops into the sea.






Fishing Hat For Summer


Fishing hats get wet when they don't fall into the water. Quick dry hats make perfect fishing hats, especially when you equip your new fishing hat with a Floatback. For this quick dry fishing hat we suggest the Floatback in orange.






Fishing Hat for the Saltwater Soul

This fishing hat has it all. It's a snapback, it's camo and it has an awesome hybrid skull octopus logo that is just freakin' cool. Pair this with a camouflage Floatback and you are ready to rock. Now, for those of you who think a camo Floatback on a camo hat is just too much camo, we have this to say: "You are wrong." That's ok though, we have Floatbacks in black that will match your hat too.

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